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21 October 2018 Brading v. EPP EPP Win by 1 Wicket card
21 October 2018 Ryde I v. Shanklin and Godshill 2 Ryde Win by 6 Wickets card
21 October 2018 Island Bakeries v. Shanklin and Godshill 1 Bakeries Win by fewer wickets lost card
21 October 2018 Cowes I v. Ryde School Ryde School win by 4 wickets card
14 October 2018 Northwood I v. Cowes I Cowes Win by 1 Run card
14 October 2018 Island Bakeries v. IWCB Disabiltiy Bakeries win by 53 Runs card
9 September 2018 Ryde Cavaliers I v. Island Bakeries A win for the Cav's card
26 August 2018 Ventnor Gold v. Ryde Raiders Ryde Raiders Won By 6 Wkts and the Cup Final card
26 August 2018 East Cowes U11s v. Ryde Rattlers Ryde Rattlers won by 63 runs and the Plate Final card
26 August 2018 Ryde Cavaliers U11s v. Ryde Rattlers Ryde Rattlers won by 6 runs card
8 September 2018 Ryde I v. Vince Moorman 80th Birthday Celebratory XII Match tied card
9 September 2018 Arreton v. Roly Ringer memorial Xii Arreton win by 4 wickets card
8 September 2018 Northwood I v. Cricklade Cricklade beat Northwood by 3 wickets card
2 September 2018 Island Bakeries v. Northwood I Match Drawn card
2 September 2018 Northwood U11s v. Ryde Cavaliers U11s Northwood U11s beat Ryde Cavaliers U11s by 20 runs card
2 September 2018 Northwood U11s v. East Cowes U11s East Cowes U11s beat Northwood U11s by 5 wickets card
25 August 2018 Newport I v. Northwood I Newport beat Northwood by 231 runs card
23 August 2018 Northwood I v. Full Tossers Northwood beat Full Tossers by 17 runs card
22 August 2018 Shanklin Development XI v. Northwood U19s Shanklin Development XI beat Northwood Development XI by 17 runs card
21 August 2018 Ventnor U13s v. Northwood U13s Ventnor U13s beat Northwood U13s by 137 runs card
15 August 2018 Ventnor U15s v. Ryde U15s Ventnor Win by 10 wkts card
8 August 2018 Ryde Cavaliers U15s v. Ventnor U15s Ventnor Won by 3 Runs card
6 June 2018 Ventnor U15s v. Newport U15s Ventnor beat Newport by 6 wkts card
2 September 2018 Cowes I v. Arreton Cowes beat Arreton by 8 wickets in Fred Winter Cup Final card
2 September 2018 Ryde v. Pangbourne Ryde won by 74 runs card

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